Teach your kids how to be in balance.

Think of your child as a plant. If a plant starts to wilt or stops growing, you will not shout at it that it should bloom and grow. Instead, you should try to look for reasons. Too much water? Too much sun? Not enough light? You need to find out what prevents your plant from flourishing. 

The same needs to be done with your children: we as parents should help them to become confident and balanced by supplying them with the best conditions: love, emotional security and kindness. 

Yoga is a great tool to help your children surmount anger, tension and anxiety through deep breathing and stretching. Your children will become more confident and balanced, and will also enjoy many physical benefits such as stronger bones, better posture and softened muscles. 

All this will lead to a more harmonious family life and a healthier relationship between parents and children. All you need is time, a calm place and your mats.